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A heat pump is the ultimate all-rounder of your home, adding value to your life irrespective of the season. Thanks to its ability to provide cool air in summers and warmth in winters, many homeowners resort to it as their go-to HVAC unit. But as you use this machine throughout the year, it has to deal with enormous amounts of pressure. Without the right kind of maintenance and tune-ups, the heat pump will fail to perform up to expectations. 

To steer away from all of these issues, we have designed our heat pump repair and maintenance services. At Excel Heating & Air Conditioning, we ensure that your machine is restored to its lost glory in a jiffy, keeping up with your budget. Thanks to our affordable yet highly efficient services, we are the best choice for customers in this city. 

So if your heat pump needs some professional care, call us today, and we will be there soon.


The weather keeps changing every few months, and your heating system needs to stay on top of its game to make sure your home comfort isn't affected. Your heating pump needs to be inspected now and then to make sure it's operating the way it should. But seeing as how no heating system is 100% safe from repairs, you need a promising HVAC company in your corner to make sure your unit's functionality is never compromised.

That's why you can rely on our team of professionals for your heating system's continued performance. You can look forward to a swift resolution of all your heating problems with our top-notch check-up services. We'll do our best to ensure your domestic comfort and your heating system's operation are back on track in no time. 

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So if you need to install a new heat pump or repair your old machine, don't go anywhere else. With Excel Heating & Air Conditioning there at your service, you will have a seamless experience, and your home will feel more comfortable than ever, be it summer or winter. 

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